Upgrading to X 3.15

The following provides tips for upgrading from a previous version of X. Come to the forums and I'll help with the upgrade. Utilize the new X reference - it provides function and file dependencies for all X functions.


  • The file 'x.js' has been split into 'x_core.js', 'x_event.js', 'x_slide.js', etc.
  • All event-related functions are now in 'x_event.js'.
  • The function xSlideTo is now in 'x_slide.js'.
  • The function xGetElementsByClassName is now in 'x_dom.js' (it was previously in 'x_util.js').
  • The main library files no longer provide support for NN4. Two files were affected by this change: If you need NN4 support use 'x_core_nn4.js' and 'x_event_nn4.js' instead of 'x_core.js' and 'x_event.js'.


By your use of X and/or CBE and/or any Javascript from this site you consent to the LGPL License - please read it.

Developer Support

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